Our Subsidiary Company

Our Subsidiary Company

Today, the demand for modern wound care no longer only includes the avoidance of wound infections and the support of the healing process.
Hydroactive wound care products are designed to accelerate the healing of wounds, reduce the formation of conspicuous scars and also save costs compared to traditional treatments.

TRIGOcare International GmbH has set itself the task of meeting these demands with a well thought-out and combinable product range.

In addition to modern wound care products, TRIGOcare International GmbH also sells innovative products for diabetics:

  • neuropad® Anhidrosis test and early detection test for diabetic foot syndrome
  • neuropad® repair foot foam with 5 active ingredients for daily foot care

Have we aroused your interest? We will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

You can also find further information at trigocare.com and at neuropad.com.